(League of Legends)

Our e-sports team/club has two parts, the competitive aspect and the more relaxed gaming for fun aspect. The competitive aspect is a statewide competition ran by PlayVS. It is a competitive bracket in which teams from across the state with play against each other. We have two varsity teams competing in this year's competitive bracket. The top four teams in this bracket will compete in a state championship at the end of the season. As of now the only game played for competitive is League of Legends, though more games are likely to be added in the future.

Gaming for Fun
(Any Game)

There is also a second part of the club for more casual gaming, just hanging out and playing games with friends. During these meetings anyone is welcome to come, hang out, play games, and generally have a fun time. You can play all sorts of games beyond League of Legends: Mario Cart, Legend of Zelda, Mario Odyssey, etc.

BHS Twitch/YouTube

The BHS e-sports team has both a Twitch and a YouTube, all of our competitive matches are streamed in real time on Twitch. If you miss that or want to check out the highlights from the game those will be posted on our YouTube channel.