Counseling Staff
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Students are assigned alphabetically.


Do students have the same school counselor for the entire time they are at BHS?
Yes, every effort is made to ensure that the student will have the same counselor all four years.

How should my son or daughter schedule an appointment with his/her school counselor?
The School Counseling Department recommends two ways for students to set up an appointment. The first is simply to e-mail a request for a meeting with your counselor. The second is to fill out an appointment slip at the front desk in the School Counseling Office. Students will be called to the School Counseling Office for conferences during unassigned periods when possible

How is a student's GPA calculated?
A student's GPA is based on the unweighted average of grades in all courses (except independent study) taken only at Barrington High School using the scale listed on Page 21 of BHS Student/Parent Handbook.

How does my son or daughter qualify for the school's honor roll?

  • Students who earn a 3.333 to 3.666 in a semester will be listed under Honors

  • Students who earn a 3.67 to 3.999 in a semester will be listed under High Honors

  • Students who earn a 4.000 to 4.333 in a semester will be listed under Highest Honors

When is the last day my son or daughter can make changes to his/her schedule?
During the first 10 days of a semester, students are not permitted to switch a course. The only exception is if a student needs to change the level of the course he or she is presently in. See the BHS Handbook Page 20 for details

What is the minimum amount of credits my son or daughter must carry each year?
Students are required to carry at least 6 credits each year.

How does my child get Working Papers?
RI Dept. of Child Labor: The employer should provide The Intent to Employ Minor form (or you can dowload it) which must be signed by the employer and child's guardian. Once the Intent to Employ Minor is filled out bring it to Guidance where the staff can then prepare your Certificate of Employment.

If your child will be working in Massachusetts you should pick up the forms at the Seekonk School Dept. (Hurley Middle School). For students applying for jobs in Massachusetts you need to pick up your application through the Mass. Dept. of Labor website.