Brenna Hadad Presents to CTE Board of Trustees




Friday, February 7th, 2020

On Friday, February 7th, student volunteers from the Barrington High School iCreate Makerspace internship program were excited to welcome town authorities, school committee members, and educators to the Career and Technical Board of Trustees meeting.

Topics discussed at this meeting centered around the promotion of BHS’s recently implemented Career and Technical Pathways for Graduation. This program is a track-based system starting with the Class of 2021 which enables students to take classes catering to specific subjects of interest to earn a certification. For example, students can take an engineering program including classes such as Computer-Aided Design and Pre-Engineering to receive enhanced qualifications to pursue an engineering major in college.

Barrington senior Brenna Hadad presents to the CTE Board of Trustees.

After a brief introduction by Barrington High School Principal Mr. Joseph Hurley and Dr. Paula Dillon, two student representatives from the pilot year of the CTE program gave testimonials about their experiences. Brenna Hadad, a senior interested in studying Biomedical Engineering, used the engineering pathway program to take classes catering towards developing her academic and personal strengths.

“It was in my classes, geared towards innovation, where being an engineer wasn’t just something I wanted to do after college, it became my passion... The process of touring schools has made me realize how similar the classes offered in the engineering CTE pathway are to engineering programs offered at colleges. The CTE pathway is preparing young adults to pursue their dreams and enter college.” - Brenna H.

Matthew Bowman, also a senior, hopes to major in Chemical Engineering at Northeastern University. His experience allowed him to pursue unique learning opportunities and certification exams to boost his professional skills.

“I believe that taking classes such as CAD and Pre Engineering along with having the accomplishments I made during them on my resumé greatly improved the college application process for me... I am excited to use my knowledge obtained through these programs at the high school level to change the world for the better.” - Matthew B.

Barrington senior Matthew Bowman presents to the CTE Board of Trustees.

Overall, the Career and Technical Board of Trustees event was a great success, and Barrington High School is eager to implement pathways to the Class of 2021 and beyond, enabling students to pursue their scholastic passions and develop valuable career skills to succeed in the workplace and beyond.